Jan 23, 2012

Year of the Dragon

Happy Chinese New Year! Celebrating this day is the turkey bacon breathing dragon! 

His body is made from leftover black and white rice, mixed; Eyes are rice cheese and cilantro; carrots across the body with a cilantro tail. 

Jan 19, 2012

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my firstborn! 10 years old today.

Gluten free bread, chocolate peanut butter, gluten free pretzels, goji berries for the "cake"; sides of carrot flowers, and Glutino Gluten Free Pretzels -- 14.1 oz.

Jan 11, 2012


My beloved Alaskan friends and family got a terrible snow storm yesterday. I miss you... but not that snow! 

I cut the rice out with snowflake cookie cutters like I did the gingerbread men. Coconut Aminos (Two 8oz Bottles) in the little bottle, sides of carrots, walnuts, clementine, grapes and turkey pepperoni. 

Jan 10, 2012

Put another bird on it.

Leftover turkey meatballs turned into a little bird in a nest. Mung bean noodles nest, mayo and nori eyes, carrot beak, and celery branch.

Jan 9, 2012

Tiny Dancers?

In my head, they are dancers with spinach costumes. The
clementines are unsure...

I got a vote of Adam and Eve and cavemen... 

Jan 4, 2012

National Trivia Day

Today is National Trivia Day and National Spaghetti Day. Did you know statistics show that kids eat 62 pounds of pasta each year-more than any other age group? 

Gluten free spaghetti noodles with honey cranberry chutney topped with a spinach question mark.

Jan 3, 2012

Happy New Year


New years lunch, and back to school! Party hat made from corn tortilla, with spinach dots made with a hole punch, and I cut little pom poms from spinach. Cherry tomato for the top.