Sep 27, 2012


My spidey senses are tingling!

I printed off a spiderman face and realized how much crazy work that would be to try to do it all with the lines and everything, so I just went with the eye lines. I feel like he is still definitely recognizable.

Sep 26, 2012

Self Portrait...

Oh, I mean, Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman was always a favorite show of mine growing up. I remember my Aunt, my moms' sister, looked so much like Wonder Woman, she even had other children thinking she was! I knew some day I would catch her doing the twirl and saving the day!

And now, here I am, a single mom of three, making this all happen, I think I can call myself Wonder Woman, or, at least pretend some times.

Bed of white rice, pepper jack rice cheese body, turkey pepperoni top, "cheddar" rice cheese emblem and crown, nori hair. 

Sep 25, 2012

National Comic Book Day

Our favorite character of all~ Batman!

An interesting little quote for you:
"In his editorial, “A National Disgrace,” the literary critic publically assaulted the medium and accused parents of being “guilty of criminal negligence” for allowing their children to read comic books." ~Sterling North.
Read more cool comic book facts here. 

Today's lunch is rice with a nori cut out of the Batman emblem.

Sides of fresh raspberries, baby carrots, some leftover peanuts and cashews, and some gluten free cookies that was a super special treat! 

Sep 24, 2012


My son, like many other children, loves comic books and superheros. Tomorrow is National Comic Book day, so this week we are going to celebrate the superheros we enjoy.

Today is just kind of a generic super hero, maybe it's Robin from Batman, or maybe they are part of The Incredibles! Who do you think they are?

Brown rice crafted with rice molds, hand cut nori with eye holes punched with a regular hole punch, all on fresh spinach. 

Sep 19, 2012

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Me sprogs love pirates and this has been such a fun day for us t' celebrate!

 I love writin' li'l love notes  t'em. 

This lunch be made with a rice ball, nori, and rice cheese. 

Ahoy, matey! 

Some piratey smoothie for breaksmartly: 

Sep 18, 2012

Fancy for a minute?

My friend Chef Ron and his partner are always making beautiful, fancy fresh food from their garden and market. Today, I was inspired by them, trying to make something pretty with a fancy description. I will never be able to compete with them, but sometimes it's fun to give something different a little try.

Brown rice ball smothered in mint sauce on a bed of fresh spinach, garnished with a pecan and sliced baby carrots. On the side are seaweed squares, baby carrots, peanuts in the shell, and sliced oranges.

Sep 17, 2012

Rosh Hashanah

Shanah Tovah! 

Rice with nori star and shofar, sliced carrots, raisins, apples ~ no honey, too messy! 

Sep 14, 2012

Frolicking Fall Faces

I love Portland in the fall! I am use to cold, windy Septembers, bundling up our homes and preparing for a long winter. And here we are enjoying the beautiful warm sun! We have been riding bikes to school in this lovely weather! I feel so great and the kids love it.

Rice smiley faces made with rice molds, and nori with the nori face punches. Included in the lunch are peanuts in the shell, cashews, dried mango and cut apples. 

Sep 13, 2012

Rice and hot dog flowers

I love my little rice molds, as they are easy and fast to use on days I am not feeling terribly creative. I also have the Fagor 3 in 1 cooker, so I can cook rice pretty quickly!

I cooked up some rice, added coconut oil and garlic salt and pressed them into the flower molds; sliced up some leftover Applegate Farms turkey dogs, and, tada! Quick, cute flowers that my kids gobbled up. Included in the lunch were fresh peaches, apples, raisins and almonds.

My youngest is allergic to rice, peaches, and grapes, so this was her alternative lunch with turkey dogs octopuses, pistachios, cashews, and apples.  

Sep 11, 2012

Always Remember

I was pregnant with my firstborn, taking a shower, getting ready to start my day when I was told of this news, and wondered what kind of world I would be bringing my child into.

Rice cooked with chicken broth, sliced hot dogs for the red stripes, and blueberries for the blue and stars, which was my son's idea. I used my number cutters and nori but had to cut around them with the exacto knife. Sides of raisins, apples, peanuts in the shell. 

Sep 10, 2012


My oldest is studying Ancient China in school and wanted me to make a hot dog dragon. I wasn't really sure how that was going to be done, but there it is. And yes, I forgot the eyes! Anneka told me I was right though, in adding the mustard, as it was supposed to be red and yellow, so I guess I did it right!

This all beef hot dog dragon is slithering across a street of forbidden rice (cooked in chicken broth).

Sep 7, 2012

New package in the mail!

I have been wishing for nori punches for some time, and since it was the beginning of the school year, I splurged and bought a little back to school present for me!

The mailman came by yesterday and my little one tore open the package to find these three little punches, so much excitement. 

I was excited to have these face punches so I just made... well, rice balls with faces. 

Sides of apple, carrot, seaweed or raisins, and cashews. 

Later, little one decided she wanted to try them out and decorate her dried pineapple. 

Can't wait to come up with more fun creations I can do with these! 

Sep 6, 2012


I've got sunshine... on a cloudy day...

Actually it's been pretty sunshiny here lately which has been absolutely lovely!

We had some leftover yellow rice from the school buses, which was rice and honey mustard sauce. Smiley face made from raisins and goji berries, sun rays out of carrots. Remember the sunscreen! 

Sep 5, 2012

Back to School!

First day of school! Apparently I told the kids that I would make them a school bus on the first day of school this year. I don't really remember telling them that, but I had no other ideas, so here's another bus!