Apr 30, 2012


Yesterday was such a beautiful spring day we left the door open and in flew a lost bee!

Rice bumble bee with raisin eyes, goji berry nose, rice noodle and raisin antennae, spring roll wrappers for the wings, nori for the stripes, all on a fresh comfy bed of lettuce. 

Apr 17, 2012


This one feels all fancy and grown up to me. 

Chopped kale and spinach sautéed in oil and garlic, mixed in the forbidden rice; topped with sweet potato flowers, broccoli and topped with coarse Mediterranean sea salt.

Apr 16, 2012


I love that this rice is called forbidden rice. I just got it because it said forbidden and that's the kind of rebel I am.

Seriously it's so good though, and we had some leftovers in coconut aminos, topped with spring radish shapes made from my tiny cutters!

Apr 10, 2012

I woke up late

This is called "I woke up late and fortunately there was leftover rice and beans in the fridge". Threw the leftovers in a rice mold, and added some goji berries, boom.

With a side of baby carrots, plums, and pecans. 

Apr 9, 2012


Squeaky little mouse leaving behind his own treats... watch out!

Rice mouse with sunflower seed eyes, goji berry nose, slivered almond ears and raisin poops... 

Apr 6, 2012

Easter Basket?

Okay... this was MUCH better in my head! It took a lot of work and yet turned out pretty weird.

Basically it was supposed to be an Easter Basket with flowers... I tried carving out a cucumber, and making a flower radish. I had some turkey lunch meat that I cut out with the my tiny cutters as well.

So here it is.

My daughter, who was studying Sacajawea, asked if it had something to do with her, and then a friend on Facebook asked if it was one of those baby carriers as well. Ah well...

Apr 5, 2012

Easter Eggs

Okay, I know I said before we don't do eggs much at our house, which is usually true, but with it being Easter, it was one of those times that I get eggs, and I'm getting better at hard boiling them!

We don't do a lot of Easter Egg decorating here, but I wanted to have a lunch prepared so she wouldn't have to peel the eggs at lunch time, so I just took the natural, locally made food coloring, mixed them in some water, and the kids just basically watercolored the shelled eggs. Super fun for them, easy, and didn't make much of a mess!

I found some cute little plastic bunnies at the japanese store too, so added those for some extra fun. The rice is brown rice, green beans and carrots with mint sauce.

Apr 4, 2012


No, they don't get lamb for lunch... but there is a rice shaped lamb for lunch!

Shaped rice into balls, cut the turkey ham into the shapes, and the nori faces last night before bed, and put it all together this morning in their lunch boxes. Such a cute little lamb!

Apr 3, 2012


Simple rice bunny I made from rice and turkey ham. The rice ball head has a piece of hidden turkey ham in it!

Apr 2, 2012

Pick up chicks here

When I was growing up, my older brother worked at this animal feed/garden store called the Wagon Wheel. Every spring, they would set out a sign that said "pick up chicks here" so people would know where to pick up their order of baby chickens they ordered that year. We also lived in a tourist town, and soon people started taking pictures in front of the sign; girls, groups of girls, guys with girls, and pretty much anyone. Over the years it became it's own tourist attraction itself, without ever having that intention to begin with. 
Photo by Brad Williams

Hard boiled egg chicks, in a gluten free spaghetti nest. Nori eyes, and carrot beaks. 

Pick up chicks here!