Dec 16, 2011

Christmas Tree Platter

Some new friends invited us over for a holiday party, and asked us to bring something to share. Now, I am the person who, when asked to bring something,  I stop by the store and grab a bag of chips and don't even bother to put them in a nice bowl. Because I'm classy like that. Usually I'm just at a loss for things to bring and even forget things like, say, a bowl to put the chips in. Hostessing is not my forte! 

Anyway, I found this idea online and went with it... I even went to the store and bought a holiday platter! 

Broccoli Christmas tree, cauliflower snow, carrot and tomato ornaments! So much fun, so easy, and a hit at the party! 

Later, my mom was inspired and sent me a picture of what she made for their family get together! Yay, I love being an inspiration! 

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