Mar 11, 2013

Spring Forward

I've never really enjoyed the time changes of Daylight Savings Time, so I thought I would try to make it a little cheery today.

I made the "spring" from cucumber peel. I tried several times to peel the cucumber so it would be curvy but I am not talented in the ways of peeling fruits and veggies... so my next try was to slice the cucumber as I normally would, then slice the peel off, in a circle, which worked much better. I wrapped the peel around one of my bento basket clothes pins to sit while I made the rest of the lunch. I cut the little leaves with scissors out of the peel scraps from when I was trying to peel the cucumber. Sliced grape tomatoes in half, arranged them on some fresh rice as a flower.

I hardly ever use my veggie cutter but today I found a big fat carrot and got to use my cutter to make a cute little inside to the flower, then I made a bunch of extras for my little one's lunch just for fun.

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