Feb 7, 2012

Heart shaped eggs.

This really happened at my house.

A friend of mine posted this link on Facebook on how to make a heart shaped egg. We don't usually keep eggs in the house, as my youngest is very allergic to eggs, my son breaks out in minor hives and gets a stomach ache, and I also get violently ill for a few days if I have straight eggs, however in baked goods they don't seem to bother me... but I don't bake a lot. My oldest daughter does love eggs though and every now and then I will get some for her and she will make herself over-hard eggs for breakfast, and likes to try her hand at omelets.

After I saw the link though, I knew I just had to try this! So I bought our every few month purchase of a dozen eggs and knew I would have to take more time in this effort.

Step one... I had to google how to hard boil an egg because I don't think I've done that in years. It seems a bit nerve wracking with all the rules and the color change and the shells cracking, but amazingly, they turned out pretty awesome. I had collected the rubber bands and cut my half and half box apart for the molds, and we always seem to have chop sticks around, except mine were square. As you can see by my photo, the round chop sticks would end up with a nicer heart.

So here they are, a bit lopsided and awkward (kinda like me!). It was fun, a great learning experience, and easier than I actually thought it would be!

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